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Carved top cittern

An unique Wetterstrand design, the Orchid cittern plays musically both loud and quiet, as a luthier-made high-end instrument is supposed to. The stiff structure transfers power straight from the strings through the bridge to the soundboard without losing the energy of the vibrations to the body or the neck. Each part of the Orchid is specifically crafted to do this.

While musicians usually prefer a thin neck, this can have a negative impact on the sustain of the instrument. We get the best of both worlds by adding special carbon fibre bars in the neck which enable both a comfortable feel and great sustain. The carved top acts like a drum skin giving you maximum dynamics over your sound – both delicate and hard-hit notes will ring out with pure powerful assertiveness.

The Orchid – you will never want to play any other cittern again.

Scale length: 560mm (22.05″)
Top: European Spruce
Back & sides: Indian Rosewood
Neck: african Mahogany
Fingerboard & bridge: Indian Rosewood
Bindings: Indian Rosewood
Saddle: Bone

Also available with custom features.
Starting from 3 300 €

Orchid Cittern played by Jarno Tastula
Recorded with SE4400A pointed at the sound hole from 35cm away.
No post processing.


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Irish bouzouki

Based on the new generation of Irish bouzoukis, the Peacemaker is a modern bouzouki at its finest. The pin bridge turns its sound a bit towards the guitar but it works perfectly also as an octave mandolin. This is exactly as you would want your bouzouki to be like.

The Peacemaker – the great instrument that made us want to make more great instruments!

Scale length: 600mm (23.62″)
Top: european spruce
Back & sides: african mahogany
Neck: african mahogany
Fingerboard & bridge: indian rosewood
Bindings: flamed maple
Saddle: bone

Also available with custom features.
Starting from 2 600 €

Black Dog

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Carved top electric guitar

The Black Dog is Wetterstrand Instruments’ contribution to the electric world of guitars. The profile is thinner than what you would expect giving you a comfortable feel over your guitar. There are also added contours at the back so the guitar will sit nicely with you.

Just as in other Wetterstrand instruments, the neck of the Dog is also reinforced with carbon fibre bars for a thin neck and great sustain. We’ve made this with several different types of bridges according to the customer’s needs,such as a Floyd Rose -style bridge. We can also add a piezo bridge that can be blended with the magnetic pickups making it a truly versatile weapon for all your electric guitar needs. Even the pickup frames are carved from wood so you won’t be looking and feeling any extra plastic.

The Black Dog – hear the music.

Scale length: 629mm (24.75″)
Top: Flamed Maple
Body & neck: African Mahogany
Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
Bindings: Plastic
Saddle: Bone
Electronics & hardware: customer’s choice

Available in three different body types & two headstock options
Also available with custom features.
Starting from 2 800 €



Wetterstrand Instruments builds hi-end acoustic and electric musical instruments. We offer you unique designs & models. Every instrument can and will be customised by the needs and desires of the customer.


“I have always worked with wood and played various instruments in all music genres from opera to rock’n’roll. Becoming a luthier was very natural step for me. My dream is to make instruments that you dream of.”


Kristian Wetterstrand
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